Pinnacle Game Profiler

Pinnacle Game Profiler 9.0

Plays games using any your favorite controller
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Provides the possibility to play your most loved games using any type of controller, like a joystick, gamepad, etc. It also acts as a game launching platform, so you can easily access games. Once a new game is launched, its controls are fully detected, and you can decide what peripheric you wish to use.

Pinnacle Game Profiler is an emulator for the keyboard and the mouse. It lets you program your Xbox, PlayStation controller and other controllers to behave like a mouse or a keyboard.
As long as your operating system recognizes your controller, then the Pinnacle Game Profiler will do the same. You will be able to control your games, applications or even the operating system itself, thanks to the fact that this software lets you program all the buttons from your console controller to do different things at every single touch. It is extremely useful for gamers, even if they are beginners or professional ones.

You can program a button to do more actions and this will make it also act like a game macro: if you press it it will perform some pre-made actions in a specific order. Some games may require the “launch as persistent profile” option to be enabled, so if you create a game profile, and the game doesn’t respond, that means you should try it after changing this setting. A nice feature, especially for the gamers, is that it increases the Pinnacle CPU priority while playing a game, and this translates into a faster response in the game, and therefore a better experience for the players.

Moreover, it applies acceleration to the movements of the analog joystick.

If you love your console controller, but you would like to do more things with it or use it on your desktop computer, then you should try this great program.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Feature-rich
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  • Its complexity may be a bit intimidating for a new user
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